Domestic violence covers many things, only some of these are physical.

Below are some examples of things you may have done, which will have devastating effects on your partner and your children. Chances are, your behaviour isn’t making you feel very good either.

Physical abuse:
Slapping, punching, hitting, pushing, kicking, strangling, choking, using a weapon or household object to hit out.

Mental and Emotional Abuse:
Shouting, throwing things, calling her names, threatening, controlling who she sees, what she wears, where she goes and what she does. Going through her phone, checking up on her. Playing mind games and giving her the silent treatment.

Sexual Abuse:
Pestering or pressuring her into sex or forcing sex against her will, sexually humiliating her, punishing her for not having sex or making her do something you saw in a porn film. Sulking if she doesn’t want to have sex.

Financial abuse:
Controlling the family finances. Demanding she account for every penny spent. Spending housekeeping money on drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Making all the financial decisions without consulting her.